Final of the contest "Quit smoking together."

November 15 in the night club "Sorry Grandmother" at 23.00 the lottery of the prizes of the action "Quit smoking together" was held.

The winners are:

Two subscription for 1 month of unlimited visits to the gym won - Kudranova Inna, Kiev;

Two subscriptions for studio or mobile photo sessions won - Elena Rogova, Kiev;

Two half-year subscription to the solarium won - Denis Kovalev, Kiev;

Ten subscriptions for ultrasonic cleaning of teeth or cleaning Airflow won - Yuri Paramonov, Kiev;

One subscription for one hour of ballooning won - Tatyana Shabanova, Kiev;

Ten tickets for a visit to the Atmosphere cinema receive - Inna Kondrashova Kiev;

Two e-books Globex GU801C won: - Alexander Volkov Kyiv - Andrey Bugaenko Kiev

Two iRiver T9 4GB Pink media players won: - Marina Velichko, Kiev - Tatiana Shapoval, Kiev

3Q Qoo Tablet! Surf Tablet PC LC0705A won: Tatyana Chernenko Donetsk, Igor Kutafin Kharkov;

The main prize of the action - Mobile phone Iphone 5 won - Vladimir Lomanov, Kharkov;

And today surprise our action!

Considering that this action was the first, we decided to give absolutely all registered participants valuable prizes worth from 100 to 500 hryvnia!

Within seven days all participants will be contacted by contact phone numbers indicated during registration and will be offered a choice of one of three prizes. So, dear friends, there will not be any losers ... Never!

Participate in our promotions, get rid of addictions and open new pages of your life.

Your Alexey Koval.