Roundtable in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Held in Ivano-Frankivsk, our Children is a roundtable that deals with the problem of teenage smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. The event was organized by Quit Smoking Together NGO and was held to discuss means of really helping teenage addicts overcome the disease, popularize a healthy lifestyle, to help those people who want to get rid of addictions.

The book "Mum, I Dont Smoke" was presented in the conference hall of Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE.

The second part of Quit Smoking Together, this book is for children and their parents. It deals with the prevention of nicotine addiction in children and has plenty of advice for parents should they suspect their child of smoking. Prevention of teenage smoking is the basis for the global anti-smoking effort.


On 21 August, Alexey Kovals initiative group For Healthy Lifestyle cleaned one of Korostyshiv residents favorite recreation placesVoronoi quarry.

All local enthusiasts gathered for the Clean-up Dayeven rainy weather couldnt stop them. Buckets, shovels, broomseverything came in handy. 75 huge packs of garbage were collected over 5 hours of painstaking work, and the territory of the quarry became a clean, tidy, and comfortable recreation zone.

One of the most committed supporters of cleanliness, who preferred to stay anonymous, helped haul away the garbage.

The initiative group is planning to install garbage bins on the territory of the quarry soon to tackle the littering problem in the favorite recreation spot.

Alexey Koval, the groups chairman, is grateful to every participant and encourages the residents to love their hometown and not to litter there.

Pull Up Higher pull-up tournament in Korostyshiv, 9 August.

9 AugustToday, we held the Pull Up Higher pull-up tournament as part of our project For Healthy Lifestyle.

Fifty-seven participants entered the competition, the youngest being three boys of 9 to 13 years old and a girl aged 9.

The competition was held near the Korostyshiv House of Culture on Red Square Str.

Among the honorable guests of the tournament were Viktor Chepurov, the head coach in Wushu Sanda in Kyiv region and a coach of the highest category of Ukraine; and Sergey Muliar, the winner of the 2013 World Karate Cup. Money prizes were awarded to the champions and runners-up of the tournament in their weight category: the 1st place (UAH 1,000) in the weight category up to 75 kg was awarded to Aleksandr Savchenko, who managed to pull up 33 times.

1st place (UAH 1,000) in the weight category over 75 kg was taken by Mikhail Zaritskii with 26 pull-ups.

2nd place (UAH 800) in the weight category up to 75 kg was taken by Yevgenii Atamanov with 30 pull-ups.

2nd place (UAH 800) in the weight category over 75 kg was taken by Vitalii Kostiuk with 23 pull-ups (22 final).

3rd place (UAH 500) in the weight category up to 75 kg was taken by Vitalii Yubkin, with 29 pull-ups.

3rd place (UAH 500) in the weight category over 75 kg was taken by Viktor Petrovskii with the result of 23 (20 final).

A special prize of UAH 500 was awarded Adriana, 9-year-old girl, who did 20 pull-ups.

Three special prizes of UAH 200 went to the three Tereshchenko brothers.

I thank everyone who came to the Red Square that day, took part in the competition, and supported the participants.

Alexey Koval, the organizer, and a sponsor of the competition, the Head of For Healthy Lifestyle imitative group.

Vladimir Virchis Supports the Quit Smoking Together project!

Vladimir Virchis has supported the Quit Smoking Together project!

Diezel chooses to quit smoking

Good to know that Diezel decided to quit smoking. Hopefully, you will follow his example and soon remember how it feels being a non-smoker!

Lavika and Makhno Project support the no-smoking initiative.

On 17 November, Alexey Koval presented his book Quit Smoking Together at Indigo nightclub in Kyiv. Lavika and Makhno Project supported the no-smoking initiative. Lavika said that smoking has long ceased to be fashionable in the show business world. The guys from Makhno Project are convinced that a girl with a cigarette arouses pity and dislike rather than desire and interest. The musicians supported a healthy lifestyle, appearing in Society Report ( ) show on Tonis TV channel. Do you still think smoking is cool? It has long become unfashionable, tasteless, and harmful! I'm sure you will be proud of yourself soon, joining the millions of people that have quit smoking forever!

Oleg Gazmanov supports Quit Smoking Together action!

Oleg Gazmanov, known for his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, supported a Quit Smoking Together action.

Sergei Sosedov promotes healthy lifestyle!

At the presentation of his duet song with Natanika, Sergei Sosedov presented Alexey Koval's book "Quit Smoking Together" to his friends and acquaintances I support the legislative ban on smoking and recommend to everyone the book of my friend Alexey Koval, the critic commented.

On 12 December, the presentation of Theres "No Need for Words" a duet song by Sergei Sosedov and singer Natanika, was held at Panorama restaurant. The party was attended by the artists friends: Pavlo Zibrov, Aleksandr Tishchenko, composer Aleksey Malakhov, Kievelektro bands super-progressive frontman Matsu, as well as flamboyant Diva Monroe.

The presentation was a successall guests thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kvadrat mall and Sorry Babushka entertainment center to organize Quit Smoking Together action

On 31 May, the World No Tobacco Day is celebrated globally.

On this occasion, Kvadrat Mall teamed up with Sorry Babushka entertainment center to organize a Quit Smoking Together action.

On 31 May and 1 June at 5 p.m., presentations of Alexey Koval's book Quit Smoking Together will be held on the ground floor of Kvadrat mall located at 36, Perova Blvd.

During the presentation, Alexey Koval will hold a Q&A session and give advice to all those who fight smoking and believe in their victory. Besides, everyone who buys the book will get a personal autograph of the author and a prize from the partners of the event.

Organizers of the event: Kvadrat mall chain ( and Sorry Babushka Karaoke-Restaurant-Club (

Partners of the event: Perekrestok supermarket chain, portal, and ATMASFERA 360 scientific and cultural entertainment center.

Kyiv Students Republic-2012!

Lets celebrate the International Youth Day together! It offers exciting opportunities40 sub-festivals are held! For the first time, its The City Within the City! Immerse yourself in the alternative reality of our capital and find your key to authenticity. It is an opportunity to create your own city and find the key to your identity. It is a chance to bring your city together and plunge into this life. Students Republic is waiting for you!

Your City is waiting for you from 10 to 12 August 2012 on Trukhaniv Island. Alexey Koval is one of the sponsors of the students republic. The book Quit Smoking Together will be given away to the participants of competitions as a prize. We support a healthy lifestyle! For more information, visit the Studrespublika-2012 website.

Quit Smoking Together with Ket-U!

A presentation of Alexey Koval's book Quit Smoking Together was held in the capitals mall Kvadrat the other day. The event was supported by KET-U, a popular singer and a representative of Space1Media production center. The artists of this production center have been taking part in many social projects lately such as lake stocking, tree planting in parks, etc.

Quit Smoking Together book presented in Kyiv City Family Centre Rodynniy Dim.

On 28 October 2012 at 4 p.m. Live Healthily seminar was held in the Kyiv City Family Centre Rodynniy Dim. The event was aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and focused on preserving the health of our nation.

During the presentation of Alexey Koval's book Quit Smoking Together, the burning issue of bad habits was discussed. Those who wanted to quit smoking could get help in solving their problem. Among the invited guests were Olga Arkanova-Chernaya, Deputy head of the Main Directorate of Family, Youth, and Sports of the Kyiv City State Administration, who delivered the opening speech. Otto Stoika, the Chief Medical Officer of Kyiv Health Centre, also made an interesting and informative report on the problems modern people face.

The Chairman of the Movement for Civil Action NGO Viktor Chernyi also took part in the discussion of important issues.