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Insecurity in oneself.

The uncertainty that stops us after the first unsuccessful attempts, the unknown of the future, the expectation of painful or unpleasant sensations, new problems – these are the main reasons that make smokers doubt their chances to part with cigarettes forever.

Prepare for the next attempt, do not expect a miracle, be confident in yourself – and you will succeed!

In Why the Cause of the Past Disruption?

You probably remember how you picked up a cigarette again. Was it due to carelessness? Are you passionate about the company? Are you confident now? Ask yourself all these questions. If the answer is negative, then you do not fully understand why you quit smoking and what benefits you will get when you finally get rid of the addiction.

Read the relevant literature, be serious in your decision. If the return to cigarettes is associated with a strong desire to smoke, then you need to master a series of exercises to remove a strong abstinence syndrome, do not start a new attempt, hoping for the best. Otherwise, everything will be the same as last time, and I would like you to be ready for all surprises this time.

Quit smoking is easy, instantly, right now!

The desire to get everything you want with a wave of a magic wand has fascinated us since childhood. But what is the payoff for such comfort?
All easy ways have their price, and it, unfortunately, can turn out to be huge. It would seem that what’s so bad about going back to smoking, let’s try again, then again…

Unfortunately, the time between attempts, which smokers, disappointed in past failures, decide on, is sometimes calculated not even in months, but in years,
and every new year with a cigarette is a real risk of not having time to get rid of the addiction, acquiring diseases that in some cases are incurable.

The Smoking Collective Is Not A Reason to Remain Dependent.

How sad it is, but even after quitting smoking, you will have to constantly be in close contact with those who smoke. The irony of fate! We live in a world that still smokes (but you should not look for an excuse in this!), so why, they say, quit smoking? You need to get rid of addiction, and the sooner, the better, because with minimal attention to your health, you will not poison your own body even with constant contact with smokers.

Love yourself, take care of your health – because that’s why you decided to quit smoking and are reading these lines. Even if you have to work in a team that smokes, remember that no one has the right to poison you!

Promises, Oaths, Hopes.

You should not inform your friends and colleagues that you are quitting smoking again. Yes, I know there is a need to support them, but there is no need to do so even for a few weeks. Let your act be a surprise.

You can inform your loved ones about your decision, but at the same time you should not make any promises. After all, you quit smoking first of all for yourself, never forget that.

Quit Smoking For the Company.

Getting rid of cigarettes for company is a fairly common mistake. The desire to feel supported, to share with a person who understands you, seems like a good help. It looks really good, but only at first, until you drive home. You’ll spend the next hour wondering if your partner has snapped. The thought that he started smoking a long time ago will not give you peace and will haunt and disturb you, turning into a strong desire to smoke.

Your partner will feel the same. As a result, the result of the attempt may be disappointing for both of you.

When is it Better to Quit Smoking?

When is it better to quit smoking? Next Friday, are you surprised by my answer? There is no need to wait for some special situation at work or in everyday life, problems will always be unnecessary. hide them and wait for a more favorable moment. Being in a familiar team will make it easier for you to break up with addiction, model your behavior and possible obstacles on your way, if you find it difficult, then read my book “Let’s Quit Smoking Together” it will help you with this. You shouldn’t wait for a vacation or holidays to be the best time to quit smoking, because you won’t find it in a week.

Prepare yourself, read relevant literature to know what to do, how to behave in this or that situation, what problems you can face and how to deal with them, and remember that every day as a smoker is a risk, but you definitely know about it is so that I will not repeat myself.

Gradual Throwing.

The desire to quit smoking gradually usually arises in the presence of a strong nicotine syndrome. You believe that gradually reducing the dose of nicotine will be able to ease the discomfort, to bear it less painfully. Unfortunately, I cannot agree with this, because in reality you will feel the urge to smoke with increasing force as soon as you significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. You will constantly want to pick up a cigarette, worry, think only about this, which will exhaust you and increase the chance of failure.

Already on the second or third day, you will think only about the next cigarette. It will seem to you that it is impossible to quit smoking, you will start to worry, adjust yourself, that it is all pointless and so on. Smokers who quit immediately and already on the second or third day experience significant relief, there is a feeling that you are on the right path, and then it will be even easier. If you quit gradually, slowly “roast” yourself with the dream that it will one day end, then you begin to understand that it will only get worse, and in the end, in the end, most people stop torturing themselves and return to their usual dose of nicotine again, for many months or even years . leaving all kinds of attempts to part with the cigarette.

Quit Smoking – Get Rid of Addiction?

You should remember that by quitting smoking, you will not only get rid of addiction, but will change your whole life. Unfortunately, a cigarette is not just a habit, like, for example, nail biting. A cigarette radically changes a person’s life, starting with how and when to think, rest, sleep, eat, and ending with a constant desire to smoke, even if you smoked several cigarettes in a row before that. The resulting weakness, the pressure that has fallen, is perceived as relaxation.

Within a few hours, your well-being normalizes, you will be able to get back to work, take care of things, think about this or that issue, but at this moment the desire to smoke comes again, and everything starts all over again. Isn’t that right? Think you smoke when you want and you don’t have an addiction? Then the next tip is for you.

Lazy Chicken.

Do you smoke one cigarette a day or even a week? Only at work or with friends? Think you smoke for fun and company? You don’t even know what the urge to smoke is? A lazy smoker is one of the most difficult types of addiction, because in addition to getting rid of the addiction itself, you also need to admit to yourself that you have such a problem, and doing this is sometimes a hundred times more difficult than the process of quitting smoking. If you are sure that you do not have an addiction, try several times to give up a cigarette in the situation in which you used to smoke: do not go out with colleagues for a smoke break with a cup of coffee, do not smoke after going out in the morning, in other situations. In most cases, already after several such refusals, you will have unpleasant sensations, dry mouth, heaviness in the chest, etc. may appear. This is the desire to smoke, that is, the presence of availability.

If this sounds unconvincing, think about why you want to take a cigarette, for example, when you go out to lunch with a colleague? In the absence of addiction, this desire would not arise, you could want anything, but not to smoke.

Quit Smoking And Don’t Spoil Your Figure.

This question is very acute, especially for the beautiful half of humanity. Before the next attempt to quit smoking, every woman makes one of three popular mistakes. The first mistake is that she begins to limit her daily diet, to the point where she eats only fruits, but soon, unable to stand it, she quits the diet and starts smoking again, complaining that she experienced great difficulties when trying to get rid of nicotine addiction. The second mistake is self-suggestion. The desire to smoke together with the constant self-suggestion “I will recover, no, I have already recovered”, hourly weighing and worries about every hundred grams of excess weight bring the unfortunate woman to a state in which she already agrees to smoke, so that everything will be as before, but not endure the whole this nightmare The third mistake is to use medication that relieves depression (unless, of course, a doctor has prescribed them) to suppress the fear of gaining extra weight.

Fear of staying a smoker, insecurity, nervousness, food restrictions, advice from friends that you will definitely recover, do not add optimism, and quarrels in the family, intolerance can lead a woman to depression, which can have an extremely negative effect on her health , and the goal itself will not be achieved, because in 90% of cases women remain smokers solely because of an illiterate approach to solving the problem. You know why you can recover when you quit smoking – you can, but you won’t definitely recover, pay attention to that! It is not karma – to be pampered while saving from nicotine addiction. The confident words of your friends cannot be dogma, because they are based on their experience, and I give real examples and evidence. With the right approach, you can even lose a few pounds, and I’m totally serious!

Substitutes, Nicotine-free Cigarettes, And Other.

The market is saturated with a lot of products, such as nicotine-free, electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum and sprays, created to help relieve the withdrawal syndrome. However, many smokers misjudge them. These are not substitutes for cigarettes – please pay attention to this! You can’t replace a cigarette, you can only give it up. Funds in pharmacy windows are designed to help the process of getting rid of addiction easier, and only that.

This is not a replacement for cigarettes, but support for those who quit smoking – please do not forget this and do not mix two different concepts. Unfortunately, all these tools will not replace knowledge of how to behave in this or that situation, how to avoid mistakes, so in addition to the use of these “helpers”, a theoretical base is needed, pay attention!


Before the next attempt to get rid of addiction, prepare yourself, taking into account the experience of past times. Read the relevant literature, consult a doctor, do not miss the little things and do not leave unresolved the problems you encountered.

How Many Days Have You Not Smoked?

You don’t have to count how many times you don’t smoke. You quit smoking – period. By counting the days and setting new boundaries, you leave yourself a chance to return to smoking after the no period is over. You shouldn’t do this, a compelling request.

You quit smoking, period!

They Smoking at your place!

Do not inhale the smoke from a person nearby. If you don’t feel comfortable being noticed, step aside, just don’t inhale the cigarette smoke. You didn’t quit your addiction to become a passive smoker. Tens of thousands of people in the world die from passive smoking. Remember this.

Remember this.

You Are Treated With Cigarette…

Never, under any circumstances, accept an offer of a cigarette, even from a best friend who hands it to you with tears of pity in his eyes. He may simply not understand what he is doing at the moment. Move away from the person who provokes you. Somehow you already took the offered cigarette, and it turned into years of addiction and lost health. Never forget that.

Never forget that.

Now I will prove it!

Are you being provoked to smoke? Asking for evidence? Never try to prove to anyone that you are truly free of addiction. Envy, reluctance to release from your team can suggest to the person who is provoking you many arguments in favor of smoking, and you, confused or entering a rage, can start to convince your interlocutor of your rightness and prove something that does not need any proof. Just say no firmly every time.

Unfortunately, you will always be provoked and offered a cigarette. Unfortunately, most even the best of friends are unable to truly rejoice for a friend who has overcome addiction.

Stress. Waiting for a Favorable Moment to Quit.

We want to wait, prepare ourselves, wait for a more favorable moment… And you wait, continue to smoke, hoping for something, but deep down you perfectly understand that this is a road to nowhere, that the next month, year will pass, but nothing in your life will change, but a more favorable moment will not come. As a result, you will remain a smoker, only precious time will be lost.

There is so much of it until you start counting the days left. They will fly by like a minute, and you will be excruciatingly sorry that you did not quit smoking earlier, much earlier, many years ago, straining to remember how it happened that you were late, because it seemed that there was so much time ahead of you…

Smoking and the Crisis.

No matter what critical situation you are in, no matter how much you want to give up, you should not look for solace in cigarettes and alcohol. They will take your strength, money and health and give you nothing in return, absolutely nothing. Try to realize this reality, and not entertain yourself with hopes and illusions that everything will work itself out. The money saved on cigarettes in the future will become the basis of your big house, which today is not yet there, a blooming garden, a strong family. And remember: in the most difficult situation, it is better to buy groceries, necessary things, and not a pack of cigarettes.

You know what to do. For the thousandth time, no matter how difficult it is, roll up your sleeves and continue to work, hope, believe and achieve success.

When Will Everything End?

No, not in a day or a week you will be free for good. Even after quitting smoking and not feeling any discomfort, you may feel insecure when faced with what you smoke every day. It will take several months, maybe even a year, and maybe it will happen much sooner, but one day you will understand that you have won. I don’t know at what exact moment you realize it: maybe it will happen when you cough from the smoke of a person passing by, or in another situation, but the main thing is that it will definitely happen.

This thought will flash through your head, and in one second you will suddenly realize that the war is over, you will never want to smoke again, you have overcome addiction and become free. You will never forget this second in your life and will keep it in your memory as one of the most wonderful memories!

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