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Happy New Year!

I wish you, in addition to everything that relatives and friends usually wish you in the New Year, one simple thing that can really change not only your next year, but also your whole life. Become non-smokers! It would seem like such a trifle, a habit, a pastime, for everyone there is an answer to why he smokes, it changed your life a long time ago and you forgot what it is to be a non-smoker, to think, rest, relax without a cigarette. Change yourself and the world around you with just one simple decision – become a non-smoker. I wish you all the best and the best in the New Year. Yours, Oleksii Koval.

Serhiy Sosyedov For a Healthy Lifestyle!

At the presentation of a duet song with Natanika, Serhii Sosyedov gave his friends and acquaintances the book “Let’s Quit Smoking Together” by Oleksiy Koval. – “I support the law on the prohibition of smoking – commented the critic. We will remind that on December 12, in the restaurant “Panorama”, the presentation of the duet song of Serhiy Sosedov and the singer Natanika – “No words are needed”. Friends of the artists were present at the party: Pavlo Zibrov .

Let’s Quit Smoking Together With Ket-U!

The other day, the presentation of Oleksiy Koval’s book “Let’s Quit Smoking Together” took place in the capital’s “Kvadrat” shopping center. The campaign was supported by the popular singer KET-U, who represents the production center “Space1Media”. It should be noted that recently the artists of this production center have been participating in many social projects – restocking lakes, planting trees in parks, etc.

May 31 World Community Celebrates No Smoking Day.

In honor of this holiday, the “Kvadrat” shopping center with the support of the “Sorry Babusya” entertainment complex is holding the “Let’s quit smoking together” campaign. On May 31 and June 1, from 5:00 p.m., the presentation of Oleksiy Koval’s book “Let’s Quit Smoking Together” will take place on the 1st floor of the “Kvadrat” shopping center at 36 Perova Boulevard. As part of the presentation, Oleksiy Koval will answer questions and give advice to everyone who fights and believes in victory over smoking, and everyone who bought the book will receive a personal autograph of the Author and a prize from the partners of the event. Organizers of the event: Network of shopping centers “Kvadrat”.

Presentation at the Kyiv City Family Center “Family House”.

Seminar “Live great”. The organizers promoted a healthy lifestyle, emphasized the preservation of the nation’s health. The presentation of Oleksiy Koval’s book “quit smoking together” touched on the actual problem of bad habits.

Round Table In Ivano-Frankivsk

A round table on the issue of smoking was held in Invano-Frankivsk with the participation of international experts. Oleksiy Koval, as the author of the book “Let’s Quit Smoking Together” and one of the leading Ukrainian specialists in this field, presented his point of view on the fight against nicotine addiction, and most importantly, preparing teenagers for the offer to smoke. It is the training of minors that is a priority task in the world of combating nicotine addiction. It is not for nothing that companies spend millions on the promotion of smoking in top films and even cartoons, teaching teenagers in advance that smoking is normal. This is not the case, and my new book, which will be published this year, is designed to combat this.

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